Friday, August 6, 2010

The Teenage Romance ;)

“I love you” I told her, totally confident that this time even Amul Ghee cannot match the purity of the feelings I have. This was the third time I was feeling exactly the same for someone (all 3 being girls), but the first time I had proposed. The interesting part was that she was almost a generation elder to me. But this fact was so ignorable to me that whenever she reminded this to me, my answer was,” Don’t change the topic” ;). Anyways, the masala started when in her reply she told me that she was committed. This also sounded completely nonsense to me, though in the town I belong to, people have babies in her age.
How could I give up so easily? The combination of the inspiration I got from the zillions of Bollywood movies I had watched and the persistence I had got from solving the physics problems overnight in Kota was deadly. Fortunately or unfortunately she never stopped calling me and every time she called, I would tell her how I could free her from her silly commitment. Once I felt that I almost convinced her with the Dil Chahta Hai story in which Aamir knocks down Preity’s fiancé and then even the fiancé’s family tells her to go with Aamir ;).
This lasted for over a year when finally I gave up and desperately wanted to come out of this. That was the time when I understood the importance of having a Guru in my life. Where all break-ups in hindi movies are followed by anger, frustration, depression, suicide or making the hero too serious and boring, my story concluded making me funnier, more grateful and a better person to be with. Life without my Guru was awesome, but when He entered, I started living it. :)